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Monday, June 21, 2010

River to River

This weekend kicked off the annual River to River Festival - one of the more comprehensive arts festivals meant to get you out and checking out downtown Manhattan. 

Known mostly for its musical presentations, River to River (or R2R) sanctions arts performances ranging from theater to dance to spoken word, as well as other miscellaneous activities. August 21-22, for instance, has an automotive theme: a classic Volkswagen show paired with a day to have your car seats checked out by a certified technician.

R2R is so big it actually includes other festivals such as the J&R MusicFest and the 29th Annual Downtown Dance Festival. There's bound to be something for everyone. Head over to the website and print out the program, then start marking it up.

When: June 20-August 31
Where: Outdoor venues around Lower Manhattan
Website: http://www.rivertorivernyc.com

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