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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Queens Puts Its Best Foot Forward June 10-13

Do you ever see signs for an event on the subway and think "Hmm, I wonder what the big deal is on that?" and then walk away?  I had to check out the Queens Art Express website and I have to say that this might get me back to Queens.

QAX - as they call it - is a multi-neighborhood effort to showcase the best of Queens. Ok all you Brooklynites, stop ragging on Queens. It's actually pretty cool. And here they are going to prove it. 

The 6 spotlighted neighborhoods are (of course) ranged out along the 7 line: Long Island City, Sunnyside, Woodside, Jackson Heights, Corona, and Flushing. Each neighborhood has a calendar of various events and sites to visit. Naturally, you can expect Corona and Long Island City to dominate the art scene, but literature, poetry, design, theater and food all have a place in this festival.

Check out http://queensartexpress.com for a breakdown of events by date and/or by neighborhood (their website does one of the best jobs of this that I have found - good job guys! )

Where: Throughout Queens along the 7 line
When: June 10-13
Tickets: sometimes required

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