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Friday, May 20, 2011

Dance Parade 2011 and Dance Fest!

A celebration of the complete dance spectrum, Dance Parade 2011 hits the streets Saturday and jiggles, high steps and shimmies it's way to Tompkins Square Park, where Dance Fest features dance classes, performances and a party until 7PM. Beware: the New York Dance Police will be issuing citations to anyone not swaying to the beat!

When: May 21 1PM; DanceFest 3-7PM
Where: Broadway and St. Marks Place to Tompkins Square Park (DanceFest)
Website: http://www.danceparade.org

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fifth Avenue Street Fair in Brooklyn

One of Park Slope's giant street fairs (the other is Seventh Heaven - guess which Avenue that goes down?), Fifth Avenue Frolic features your typical street fair fare (tee hee), but you don't have to go to Manhattan to get it!  The participating restaurants are local, and 3 stages will feature family friendly music and entertainment.

When: May 15, 12-5PM
Where: Fifth Avenue from Sterling Pl to 12th Street in Brooklyn

NYC Photo Festival in DUMBO

Curated photo exhibits, lectures, and awards are presented throughout the NY Photo Festival.  Experience DUMBO's industrial chic. Portfolio reviews are conducted by photo editors, faculty and other qualified individuals - sign up on the website.

When: May 11-15, 2011
Where: Throughout DUMBO (F train to York, A train to High Street)
Website: http://www.newyorkphotofestival.com

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ninth Ave Food Festival

Sometimes mistakenly lumped in with other "street fairs", the Ninth Ave Food Festival is an amazing sight to behold. Go hungry and try something you haven't tried before. This is no ordinary street fair. Best of all, it has no entry fee so if you're not hungry, or you're broke (and Hell's Kitchen is after all a neighborhood of actors and artists), just go to experience the crowds and free entertainment.

When: May 14-15th, 2011
Where:  Ninth Ave between 42nd and 57th Streets
Website: http://www.ninthavenuefoodfestival.com/

Friday, May 6, 2011

Affordable Art Fair

The biennial favorite returns with a variety of art originals with prices starting from $100.  Build out your collection or pick up a piece for Mother's Day. Tickets are $15-$20.

When: May 5-8
Where: 7W 34th Street (7 West 34th Street)

Brooklyn Peace Fair

Given recent events, stopping by the Brooklyn Peace Fair might not be a bad idea. Local and national peace- and social subjects will be discussed.

When: May 7 12-5 PM
Where: Brooklyn College Student Center East 27th @ Campus Road
Website: http://www.brooklynpeace.org