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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why Hometown Festivals are Getting Bigger & Better

2010 was a heavy travel year for FestivalBuzz, who is also rather heavy. Mr. FestivalBuzz, meanwhile, is over 6 feet tall. Springing for the extra 5" of leg room eased our flight times somewhat. But it also reminded me why we prefer to stay on the East Coast when it comes to travel - trains and buses have much more legroom and seat room. Not to mention having to return to LaGuardia 3 days after making it home during the December 2010 blizzard to retrieve our luggage, which the airlines wouldn't release to us after cancelling our flight.

And it's not getting better:

No Rosy Future Ahead for Air Passengers - On the Road - NYTimes.com

FestivalBuzz knows it's not cheap to travel. Sometimes festivals can be expensive ($45 for many food festivals, for instance). But we prefer to look on the brighter side: you don't have to waste days traveling or squeeze into uncomfortable contortions for hours on end; you sleep in your own bed at night (unless you want to spring for a hotel to complete the "away" feeling); and you won't lose your luggage.