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Friday, March 4, 2011

Meditation Fair Inspired By Sri Chimnoy

Think there's something to meditation but want to get started with guidance? Or are you a practiced hand at dropping into bliss?  There is something for both at the upcoming Festival of Meditation and Spirituality. Hosted by nycmeditation.com, a site inspired by the teachings of the late Sri Chimnoy, the festival goes on for 8 days and addresses the idea of meditation, spirituality and self-awareness and discovery through different media, including a concert of mantra, art exhibits, a play based on Sri Chimnoy's early life, and a free 3 day workshop on meditation technique.  Those looking for a new path may find food for thought here. Most activities are free but reservations are required in advance.

When: March 5-13, 2011
Where: 166 Essex Street
Website: http://www.nycmeditation.org