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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Parades in Manhattan & Brooklyn

Want to get dressed and strut around for Halloween? Two great Halloween parade traditions show two very different facets of New York, but I'm hard pressed to pick the more fun.  

On the one hand, there is the nationally known Village Halloween Parade, which features colorful, flamboyant floats, costumes and acts. Always mobbed by festive party-goers, some in costume, some not, this year's parade route is abbreviated and will run uptown from Spring Street to 15th Street on Sixth Avenue.  A notable feature of this parade is that ANYONE can participate, if you are in costume (and just putting on a witch hat doesn't count). For more details and retrospectives of past Halloween Parades, check out their website at http://www.halloween-nyc.com.

On the other hand, Park Slope celebrates its family identity with it's own Halloween Parade, full of young kids in colorful costumes who trick or treat up and down Seventh Avenue shops and restaurants during the afternoon and evening with their parents. From tiny little peas-in-a-pod to gothic-inspired teenagers imitating their favorite book characters, this parade is great for people watching. Kids and parents in costumes (witch hats count as costumes here). For more information visit http://www.http://parkslopeciviccouncil.org/halloween-parade.

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